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This listing is for individual bags of royal icing. They will be approximately 4 oz. per bag. Rubberbands will be included to tie off the bags.

The Christmas option includes 4 colors as seen. Add additional colors with the “Color” option, one bag at a time.

Icing consistency will be a hybrid to allow for most success in the majority of designs.

Royal Icing bags

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  • Royal icing may be kept on the counter safely for a week.

    If it not be used before then, it may be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

    Royal icing is made with water and it will begin to separate after a day or two. This does not mean it is bad. The icing simply needs to be remixed before use. You can do this by massaging the bag well until you can no longer see a difference in color, or you may pour it into a bowl, stir it well and put it in a new bag or ziplock.

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