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I have always decorated cookies with my kids during the Christmas season. I was never good at it. I don’t know why, but in Christmas 2017, something clicked. I realized that I could probably do these cookies better if the icing was the right consistency. Every other time it would just slide off the cookie and blend into each other. I began looking up videos and cookie designs and adjusted my icing a bit. It got better. Wow! This might actually work, I thought. It did. It continued to progress as I researched more and did many more test batches. My cookie recipe was always good, no matter what the icing looked like, so once the icing was good I started giving away as gifts to friends. One person asked if they could buy some from me. Okay... Sure. One thing led to another. Come Valentines day, I had a large handful of orders. Then comes an event at my church and word started getting around. Here comes Easter and I had double the orders this time. Then there were return customers and some that wanted cookies without icing. What?! No icing? That’s speaks to the cookie itself. It’s a good one. Even all those that WERE skeptical of there being such a thing as good gluten free food, now they know there is! I know all of us that are celiac (including me and my two kids), or those that are gluten intolerant/sensitive, realize that there is really good GF food these days. But there are still skeptics that are not gluten intolerant and they have only had bad experiences with gluten free food. For that reason, I almost hesitate to tell people that they are gluten free, but I know it’s important for those with a gluten intolerance to know if they are able to eat them. So we are winning over the skeptics one cookie at a time! I am loving this new opportunity, that, NO DOUBT, God has brought into my life. I have a real J.O.B., billing and collecting for medical doctors. I’ve been doing it for 20 years now. The morning of Easter I found out that one of my largest accounts was moving to a group practice and therefore would not need my services any longer. Effective immediately. I don’t believe for one second that it is a coincidence that this cookie decorating just so happened to click with me now and show promise as a successful business just at the same time. I mean, I’ve been making cookies with/for my kids every Christmas for the past 14 years. I am an artist by nature and have many other forms of art that I have enjoyed. I love doing face painting, painting murals on walls or canvases, Bible journaling, wood burning and restoring/refurbishing furniture to name a few. They are all similar skills, just on a different canvas. They each have their challenges but seem to come naturally for me. I thank God for that and give Him all the praise! I look forward to making many more cookies and growing this business so I can help support my family.

In Christ,


The Cookie Darling

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